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When you're through cleaning with the Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush, just place it on the counter to keep it upright, fast-drying, and germ-free. This design is protected by a proprietary suction cup base. The non-slip handle provides a secure hold for filthy hands, and the robust nylon bristles are hard on dirt yet soft on baby bottles. We also engineered our bristles to lessen the terrible splash-back when it bursts out of the bottle opening because nobody has time to throw soapy water all over the kitchen. Since we are aware that infant bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, we created a new flexing neck to make it easier to fit into any bottle. Even better, this brush includes a handy soft rubber nipple brush that can be used to clean minor bottle attachments like valves and pump components. You just need to worry about the bottle components, pots, and pans you can see, not the unclean stuff you can't see, since the Bristle Bottle Brush keeps your bottle cleaning routine hygienic and your sanity unharmed.

Bottle brush with Munchkin bristles, blue:

Baby bottle brush that is standing and has a suction cup base

Every bottle shape's flexible neck extends to the corners.

When wet, textured, easy-grip handles prevent slippage.

Bonus: the handle has a nice rubber nipple brush.

Bristles made of soft nylon are resilient, scratch-free, and reduce splashback.

Perfect for cleaning the majority of common glass and plastic baby bottles Every 30-45 days, change the brush. 

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